Refrigerated Containers


RAVA Rentals’ specialty is in keeping your perishables fresh with extra on-site refrigerated storage and 24/7 personalized customer service. All of our containers are zinc-coated and contain corrosion-resistant stainless steel lining, ensuring that they will withstand the most severe weather conditions while maintaining thermal efficiency.

Also available are containers specifically customized by RAVA Rentals with special butcher doors for convenient access. Additional accessories also included in these reefers are interior lighting and cooling guards. Additional shelving is also readily available upon request.


  • 10′ Refrigerated Container 8′ X 10′ X 8’6″ Standard Height
  • 20′ Refrigerated Container 8′ X 20’ X 8’6″ Standard Height
  • 20′ Refrigerated Container 8’ X 20’ X 9’6″ High Cube (Special Butcher Door Container)
  • 40′ Refrigerated Container 8’ X 40′ X 8’6″ Standard Height
  • 40′ Refrigerated Container 8’ X 40′ X 9’6″ High Cube (Roll Up Door)

These specifications are general descriptions of sample refrigerated container units. Specifications will vary according to external cladding and/or by manufacturer and are subject to minor changes. Fill out the contact form on the right to request individual container dimensions, ratings, and specifications or to request a quote.